FRIDAY: 4PM-8PM      |      SATURDAY: 12PM-6PM      |      SUNDAY: 12PM-4PM


After each tour, we follow up with an in-depth sensory experience at the tasting bar. This is where we take the knowledge you gained from the tour and distill it into the glass. There's so much complexity in what we do, we feel that a little coaching can take you to a new level of appreciation. We'll teach you the importance of a proper tasting glass, how to nose properly, and how to begin identifying certain tastes on your palette. We'll even send you home with tasting cards and specific notes from our session together, so you can expand on your experience at home. 



Tours are an essential part of the Lost Ark experience.  We have designed them to be educational and to answer most of the basic questions people have about distilling. For example, how does bourbon get its color? What’s the difference between bourbon and whiskey? How do we mill the grain? What happens during fermentation? Why is copper used in still construction? Our tours take a comprehensive walk through the distillery, showcasing each piece of equipment, how it works, and its importance in the distillation process. At the conclusion of every tour, each participant will walk away with a greater understanding of the methods and equipment we use to craft our products.

**All ages and pets welcome. We just ask that you remember that the distillery is a working production facility with large industrial equipment. Please don’t let the littles ones (with two legs or four legs) wander off!**