Lost Ark Distilling Company is a small artisan distillery founded on one principle—passion. It all started as a simple conversation about finding something greater and more meaningful in life and quickly developed into a realistic dream that had to be pursued. We share a love for the hand-crafted and love crafting with our own hands. There's something so real about creating. A long-time love for spirits of all types proved to be the perfect vehicle to pursue this passion.

Lost Ark Distilling Company derived its name from the story of the first Maryland settlers back in the 17th century. As the story goes, these settlers sailed for 4 months across the Atlantic on two ships, the Ark and Dove, and landed without much to work with and no idea what the new land would offer them. They had to create a new life by hand and with whatever they could source locally; a true lost art. Their creativity, hard work, and dedication to creating something led to not only their survival but also their ability to thrive. We are committed to bringing that spirit of hard work and creativity into every unique spirit we produce.

Today, Lost Ark embodies the spirit of its home state, Maryland. Every drop in every bottle is labored over in our distillery. Each line of spirits is inspired by a specific piece of Maryland history, and that history can be experienced within every pour. Never settling for anything less than what we imagined from day one, we strive to own our craft every day to ensure Lost Ark represents the spirit of Maryland’s past, present, and future.

Brad, Co-Founder & Distiller


Eat. Sleep. Bourbon. Brad has a serious passion for all things distilling. He comes across as quiet and shy but carries a hard charging and passionate drive for success. He prides himself in being creative and relentless in any pursuit. With a start as a home brewer, he jumped into distilling chasing a passion rooted in the history and art of creating many different spirits. After serving on Active Duty in the Army for many years, he brings the military "attention to detail" motto to the team. All of these qualities fuel the fire in the pursuit of perfection in the art of distillation, building the perfect mash bill, and creating new flavors that you’ve never had before.