We're expanding!

Join us and own a piece of distillery history!

As part of our expansion, we have decided to break down some old barrels and use the staves to build our new cocktail bar, and we want YOUR NAME on one of those staves!  We're creating something that our community can be proud of and we want YOU to be a part of it!

What are we expanding?

Our expansion is covering a huge overhaul on all of the operations at Lost Ark. First of all, we’ve added to the Lost Ark family with new partners in the business. Second, we are building out a cocktail lounge in the front of the distillery complete with a full service bar. This lounge is managed by a new Lost Ark team member that is tasked with creating new and amazing ways to showcase our spirits in cocktails. The lounge will also double as an event space for birthday parties, corporate events, receptions, and fun theme nights such as live music, comedy, and movie nights.

Lastly, for the production side of the house, we plan to make some strategic equipment upgrades, create a new product line, and introduce new ideas. This will allow us to expand on our creativity and release MANY new products. It will also allow us stock away more whiskey in barrels for long term aging. More Bourbon and more Rye- what's not to love about that?


We have surrounded ourselves with industry experts, brought on new hires, and continue to invest in our community for long term growth. Good spirits takes time and patience, and we want you to join us on this journey. This is a huge step towards transforming and growing the distilling community, supporting local agriculture, and pushing the limits on what is to come - not only for Lost Ark, but for all spirit lovers. By purchasing one of our staves, you will be helping support our expansion, as well as our ever-growing thirst for new and creative spirits! 

Memberships are a one time only offering and are limited in numbers. Click below to learn all of the details about The Stave Society!