Introducing 1634 Corn Whiskey

Introducing 1634 Corn Whiskey - coming soon! 

1634 is the year the first English colonists arrived to settle the new colony of Maryland. Only the smartest and hardest working individuals were sent. Survival hinged on their ability to build and create a life with their bare hands. 1634 Corn Whiskey is made from the finest grains local Maryland farmers have to offer. It is fermented, distilled by hand, and then sent to rest in uncharred American Oak barrels, until the perfect flavor profile is attained. The resulting spirit is light in body and color, has a mellow mouthfeel, and has notes of oak and corn, making for a sweet finish. 1634 Corn Whiskey embraces everything reminiscent of Maryland's hard-working history, yet embodies the sophistication of the modern whiskey connoisseur.