Coming Soon to Columbia, MD.

The idea of a small distillery is a new one for this area. It's an industry that no one living in Howard County at present has ever seen in their lifetime. Even for us, this venture is amazing. Just a few short years ago, in our minds, whiskey only came from a handful of places from around the world. No one ever thought that their hometown could have something like this. The negative impacts of prohibition are still here, 80 plus years later. 

Because of this, it happens all too often that people ask us what kind of IPA we plan on brewing or "when will the brewery" be open. We will be brewing, yes, but we will also be distilling everything that is brewed. Other comments also arise such as "But bourbon can only be made in Kentucky.” That isn’t true, and to prove it, we plan on having a warehouse full of aging bourbon barrels!

In our crazy adventure of opening this distillery, we have learned so much. We've grown as husbands, fathers, new business owners, distillers, and as consumers of the products we are so passionate about. Community is so important to us and we want to give back at every opportunity. For these reasons, we knew that something should be done to address some of these questions. One late evening after a bit of "research and development", it occurred that we needed to share our knowledge to everyone who have so kindly given us their time and well wishes since we started.  

As we grow, we want you to grow. Many of you reading now have grown from the "macro" beer scene 10 years ago to understanding and loving some amazing new craft beers. The same spirit is moving throughout the distilling world- smaller is better. It allows us to pay attention to every tiny detail of every drop that goes into a bottle. It also allows us to innovate and create. We visit the farm when our corn is planted and we're there when it is harvested. It gets brought into our distillery and milled fresh on-site.

This is not just a business to us. It's personal.