We're expanding!

Join us and own a piece of distillery history!

Over a decade ago, the craft beer scene was just in it's infancy. Smart entrepreneurs and skilled brewers started creating amazing new flavors and pushing a new industry to unprecedented levels. This began to completely change how the consumer tasted and drank beer! However, in the beginning, it was tough to bring progress. Decades old laws leftover from prohibition littered the law books and made growth nearly impossible. Moving forward, many years of hard work and perseverance created new laws allowing breweries to do more than just make beer and give small tastings. They were allowed to serve their product how the consumer liked to drink it- fresh and cold right in their own taprooms! From there, the industry exploded and breweries popped up everywhere creating businesses that have become essential parts of their respective communities. They create jobs, tourism, support local agriculture, raise money for charities, and host a relaxing and exciting place for beer lovers from all over to enjoy their hard work. 

Now the time is ours. Thanks to new Maryland state laws, distilleries can now also serve more than just samples. We want to be able to showcase our new and creative ideas in ways that have never been experienced before- just like the brewers did. It's time for us to showcase our creativity not only in our distilling, but the way we prepare and serve our spirits. 

We have a major expansion project planned to make this happen. But just like from day one, we want YOU, our community to have a part in it. None of this would have ever been possible without the support of the amazing people that come in and see us every weekend and drink our spirits. Now, we want to grow that experience into something even more amazing. What do we have planned?

Introducing- The Stave Society!

We want YOUR name to be permanently affixed in the distillery for all to see that you were a part of making this happen. To do this, we will be breaking down some old barrels and using the staves to build a wall. BUT, we want your signature and creative touch painted on the stave!

- The cocktail Lounge -

Our expansion will be covering a huge overhaul on all of the operations at Lost Ark. We will be building out a cocktail lounge in the front of the distillery complete with a full service bar. This lounge will be managed by a senior Lost Ark team member that will be tasked with creating new and amazing ways to showcase our spirits in cocktails. The lounge will also double as an event space for birthday parties, corporate events, receptions, and fun theme nights such as live music, comedy, and movie nights.


- distillery Production - 

For the production side of the house, we plan to make some strategic equipment upgrades and hire a full time distiller so that production is more than doubled. This will allow to expand on our creativity and release MANY new products. It will also allow us stock away more whiskey in barrels for long term aging. More Bourbon and more Rye- what's not to love about that?


- Join the stave society -

We're surrounding ourselves with industry experts, making big hires, and investing in our community for long term growth. Good whiskey takes time and patience and we want you to join us on this journey. This is a huge step towards transforming and growing the distilling community, supporting local agriculture, and pushing the limits on what is to come- not only for Lost Ark, but for all of as spirits lovers, and our ever growing thirst for all things new and creative!

Memberships are a one time only offering and are limited in numbers. Click below to learn all of the details about The Stave Society!